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How to test the stepper motor with a multimeter?

Release Date:2023-06-20

The use of stepper motor is very extensive, in daily use, how to use a multimeter to test the quality of the stepper motor? Here is leesn Xiaobian to teach you.
1、 first play the multimeter to the resistance gear
2、 then the 4 lines of the stepper motor are divided into A and B two groups, A+ and A- for a group,B + and B- for a group
3、Connect the resistance probe to the two windings of the stepper motor respectively.
Carefully observe the multimeter condition, if the stepper motor is working normally, then it should be able to read a relatively stable resistance value on the multimeter, the resistance value should be similar to the rated resistance value of the motor. If the reading deviates significantly from the rated resistance value, then the stepper motor may have winding damage or other internal faults. Did you learn?