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What are the common problems of lead screw motor?

Release Date:2023-05-30
Phenomenon one, the motor does not turn
1、the power light is not bright - check the power supply circuit, normal power supply.
2、the motor locks the shaft but does not turn - the pulse signal is weak, the signal current is increased.
3、Too little speed - choose the right subdivision.
4、The drive is protected -- Power it on again.
5、enable signal problem - The enable signal is stretched or not connected.
6、the command pulse is wrong - check whether there is a pulse output on the machine.

Phenomenon two, the motor steering error
1、the motor turns to the opposite - replace the motor wiring sequence or adjust the direction of the instruction.
2、the motor line has a break - check whether the connection is in poor contact.
3、the motor has only one direction - the pulse mode is wrong or the DIR port is damaged.

Phenomenon three, the alarm indicator light
1、the motor wire is wrong - check the wiring.
2、the voltage is too high or too low - check the power supply.
3、the motor or drive is damaged - replace the motor or drive.

Fourth, the position or speed is wrong
1、signal interference - eliminate interference, reliable grounding.
2、incorrect command input - check the machine command to ensure correct output.
3、no turn pulse setting error - check the dip switch status and connect.
4、the motor lost step - check whether the command speed is too large, the motor selection is small.

Symptom 5. The driver terminal is damaged
1、 terminal short circuit - Check the power polarity or external short circuit.
2、the internal resistance between terminals is too large - check whether the connection between the wire and the wire is too much solder to form tin.

Phenomenon six, motor blocked rotation
1、 the acceleration time is too short - reduce the command acceleration or increase the driver filter parameter.
2、the motor torque is too small - choose a large torque motor.
3、the load is too heavy - check the weight and quality of the load, adjust the mechanical structure.
4、 the current is too small - check the dip switch and increase the output current of the driver.