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Stepper motors driver

DM digital stepper motor driver is a cost-effective subdivision stepper motor driver designed based on PI current control algorithm. It has superior performance, high speed and high torque output, low noise and low vibration. The basic parameter configuration is optional for dip switch.

Product Model Voltage Electricity Motor Size Phase number
5DM542C 8~50vdc 0.3~4.2A NEMA 08、11、14、17、23、24 5
3DM865 18~80vdc 1.0~6.5A NEMA 24、34 3
DMA860H 18~80vdc 2.2~8.2A NEMA 34、43 2
DMA860 24~120vdc 2.8~6.5A NEMA 23、24、34 2
DMA545 24~80vdc 1~4.5A NEMA 23、24 2
DM865A 24~80vdc 2.8~6.5A NEMA 23、24、34 2
DM845A 24~80vdc 1~4.5A NEMA 17、23、24 2
DM550 8~48vdc 0.3~5.0A NEMA 23、24 2
DM432 8~48vdc 1.1~3.2A NEMA 08、11、14、17 2
DM420 8~48vdc 0.2~2.2A NEMA 08、11、14、17 2
DM530S 8~48vdc 0.4~3.0A NEMA 08、11、14、17 2
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Industrial Networks Drives

EC series is a type of high performance Industrial Networks Drives, and integrates the function of intelligent motion controller, either through CANopen instruction, Modbus/RTU, Modbus/TCP, EtherCAT protocol for real-time control and motor drive

Product Model Communication method Voltage Electricity Motor Size
ECA110 Pulse 48~260VAC 1.0~8.2A NEMA 34、43、51
ECA86E EtherCAT 18~110VAC 1.0~6.5A NEMA 23、24、34
ECA86N Modbus-TCP 18~110VAC 1.0~6.5A NEMA 23、24、34
ECA86T RS485 18~110VAC 1.0~6.5A NEMA 23、24、34
EC57E EtherCAT 24~80vdc 1.0~6.5A NEMA 23、24
EC57N Modbus-TCP 24~80vdc 1.0~6.5A NEMA 23、24
EC57T RS485 24~80vdc 1.0~6.5A NEMA 23、24
EC42E EtherCAT 18~60vdc 0.2~3.0A NEMA 08、11、14、17
EC42N Modbus-TCP 18~60vdc 0.2~3.0A NEMA 08、11、14、17
EC42T RS485 18~60vdc 0.2~3.0A NEMA 08、11、14、17
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