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What are the characteristics of intelligent integrated stepper motor?

Release Date:2023-06-08
The intelligent integrated stepper is a stepper motor comparable to the servo motor, in which the product contains the controller, driver, stepper motor and encoder, the stepper system in each unit integrated into a whole, reduce the wiring between the system, eliminate electromagnetic noise, simplify the system structure, greatly increase the reliability and practicality of the stepper system.
So what are the characteristics of the intelligent integrated stepper motor?
1. Subdivide and make up the difference
Subdivisions are automatically inserted between low subdivision pulses to ensure smooth motion at low subdivisions.
2, low speed torque smooth
By analyzing the low speed moment ripple, the corresponding harmonic components are offset to obtain smooth low speed motion.
3. Self-test and automatic setting
When the system is powered on, the driver automatically detects motor parameters (such as resistance and inductance) and optimizes system performance based on this parameter.
4. Communication mode selection
In the integrated stepper motor of Lisan, there are two modes of conventional pulse and 485 communication.