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We will see each other at Munich Shanghai Electronics Production Equipment Exhibition in March 2024

Release Date:2023-09-22
    The 2024 Munich Shanghai Electronics Production Equipment Exhibition will be held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center on March 20-22, 2024. The exhibition will bring together domestic and foreign electronic manufacturing equipment manufacturers, the scope of exhibits covers the entire electronic manufacturing industry chain, Including SMT surface mount technology, wire harness processing and connector manufacturing, system level packaging, electronic manufacturing automation, industrial robots, motion control, dispensing, welding, electronic and chemical materials, EMS electronic manufacturing services, test and measurement, PCB manufacturing, electromagnetic compatibility, component manufacturing (wire winding machine, stamping, filling, coating, sorting, marking, etc.) and assembly Wait. A wide range of innovative equipment and manufacturing technology, Industry 4.0 and smart factory concept and practice combined, productronica China to help the industry accelerate innovation, take you to the future of electronic manufacturing technology!
    LEESN Electromechanical as an industry expert in the field of industrial motion control, also participated in this event, this exhibition, we will join hands with new products, stepping electric gripper, multi-turn absolute encoder, integrated screw module and other new products, appearing in this Munich electronics Fair, looking forward to your visit and guidance.