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LEESN new five-phase stepper motor driver -5DM856 basic parameters

Release Date:2023-05-25

5DM856 series is the latest developed by Lisan company, based on a new generation of 32-bit DSP technology, high performance five-phase digital stepping driver, suitable for various types of five-phase hybrid stepping motor with an outer diameter of 20~86mm.

This series of drive is similar to the servo control principle, using a unique circuit design, so that the current control is smooth and accurate, the motor can run smoothly under low subdivision, low noise and low vibration. External 32 file equal Angle constant torque subdivision, the highest subdivision 125000 pulse/revolution, optical coupling isolation differential signal input, strong anti-interference ability, with overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent protection and other functions, can greatly improve the performance of equipment.

It is widely used in dispensing, laser engraving, automatic assembly, CNC machine tools and other fields with high requirements for stability, noise and vibration.
➤ Digital upfrequency and upvoltage combined with constant current control technology.

➤ Smooth operation, low noise, low vibration.

➤ Input signal 3.3-28V compatible, no external resistance required.

➤ Photoelectric isolation of output signal, constant current input, strong anti-interference ability (maximum output voltage 28vdc, maximum saturation current 10mA).

➤ Over voltage protection, over current protection, under voltage protection and lack of phase protection.

➤ Support single pulse, double pulse, self-running, and IO control modes.

➤250 subdivision: The basic step Angle is 0.72°, and the 250 subdivision can achieve the step Angle of 0.00288°.

➤ Support alarm output and in place output.

➤ Built-in automatic flow down, self-diagnosis and other auxiliary functions.