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DMA860 Stepper Motor driver

DMA860Driving characteristic
Supply voltage 18-80VDC
Control mode Single and double pulse
Output current 2.8-6.5A
Digital input 3
 Digital output 1
Adjustable subdivision 16档
 Adjustable current  16档
Operating temperature  -20-50℃ 
authentication CE,RoHS
IP level IP20
weight 0.3kg 
 Phase number 2
Step pulse width 400KHZ 
Maximum optional subdivision 25600
type Pulse mode
Adaptive motor 57、60、86

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Specification parameters
    DMA860 is a new generation of high-performance two-phase digital stepper motor based on 32-bit DSP technology developed by Lisan Company. The drive voltage is AC18V-80V, the adaptive current is below 6.5A, and the outer diameter is 57~86.

    The driver sampling similar to the servo control principle, unique circuit design, superior software algorithm processing, so that the motor can run smoothly even under low subdivision, almost no vibration and noise, smooth and accurate current control technology greatly reduces the motor heat, external 16 speed equal Angle constant torque subdivision, up to 128 subdivision, optocoupling-isolated differential signal input, Strong anti-interference ability, with over-voltage, under-voltage, over-current protection and other error protection functions. Subdivision, current, logic power parity parameters can be set through the upper computer. In the dispensing machine, screw machine, terminal machine and other medium and low speed applications, its stability, vibration, noise performance advantages are obvious, can greatly improve the performance of the equipment.

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