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leesn closed-loop stepper motor solution for backlight fitting equipment

The huge demand for smart phones has brought about a huge demand for smart phones, which has brought about a significant decline in the cost of TFT-LCD displays. While costs are falling, its applications are also expanding. At present, they can even be seen on some small and medium-sized home appliances. The surge in demand for screens will inevitably require a substantial increase in production capacity. From this automatic backlight laminator came into being. The core function of the device is to automatically realize the visual alignment correction and fitting of the backlight and the display screen.

Customer equipment and process introduction

Main structure and function: it can be divided into backlight transmission part, display transmission part, vision part, correction platform.
The backlight transmission part is responsible for backlight transmission, removal of protective film, and visual measurement of position and Angle after completion.
The display conveying part is responsible for the transmission of the display screen, the removal of the protective film, and the correction platform.
The correction platform is used to correct the measurement position of the backlight and the measurement position and Angle deviation of the display screen.



As can be seen from the picture, the transmission efficiency of both the white backlight and the black display is very important, even the decisive factor. How can we improve the efficiency of the Department while taking into account the cost performance? It is a headache for each equipment manufacturer.

Key shaft vertical three closed loop stepper motor solution:
Backlight alternating transmission motor drive scheme: LS57-PLC+DE57
Display alternating transmission motor drive scheme :LS57-PLC+DE57

Sum up
Advantages of the scheme:

1. Ultra-high cost performance: It can meet the highest production demand (1KPPH), which is basically the same as the AC servo efficiency, and the price is far lower than the AC servo. The efficiency is 30% higher than the open-loop step, and the motor temperature rise is more than 10 degrees lower.
2. Especially suitable for synchronous belt wheel drive load, features: large inertia ratio, low transmission rigidity, in this case, closed-loop stepper can even achieve the overall positioning time is shorter than similar specifications servo.
3. No parameter debugging, adapt to PLC24V signal, easy to use.
4. Strong anti-interference ability.

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