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Application of hybrid stepper motor in unmanned transporter


Scheme description:The so-called unmanned carrier refers to a transport vehicle equipped with an electric or optical automatic guidance device, which can travel along the prescribed guidance path, has safety protection and various load shifting functions, and belongs to the category of wheeled mobile robots. It is an indispensable loading equipment for smart factories.
    The handling of goods in traditional warehouses and factories is labor-intensive, inefficient and error-prone. The selection of goods in the warehouse, the place where the goods are stored, the size and weight of the goods, etc., are a challenge for both machines and people. Agvs can easily and perfectly solve this problem - not only reducing labor costs, increasing efficiency, but also making the work environment safer.
Advantages of unmanned truck:
      (1)High degree of automation; It is controlled by computer, electronic control equipment, magnetic SENSOR, laser reflector, etc. When a part of the workshop needs auxiliary materials, the staff input relevant information to the computer terminal, the computer terminal then sends the information to the central control room, the professional and technical personnel issue instructions to the computer, with the cooperation of the electronic control equipment, this instruction is finally accepted and executed by the AGV - the auxiliary materials are sent to the appropriate place.
      (2)Charging automation; When the power of the AGV car is about to run out, it will issue a request command to the system, request charging (general technicians will set a value in advance), and automatically charge the charging place after the system allows it to "queue".
     In addition, the battery life of the AGV car is very long (more than 2 years), and it can work for about 4h every 15 minutes of charging.

      (3)Beautiful, improve the viewing degree, so as to improve the image of the enterprise.
      (4)Convenient, reduce the footprint; The AGV trolley in the production workshop can shuttle from workshop to workshop.
      Hybrid stepper motor has been widely used in engraving machine, laser machine, CNC machine tools, textile and garment machinery, medical equipment, measuring equipment, electronic processing equipment, packaging machinery and other automation equipment and instruments.

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