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Stepper system in the bus door application scheme


    The basic working principle and structural composition of the bus door are roughly the same as some automatic doors, such as the flat opening and closing of the elevator, composed of the transmission part of the motor power driving device, coupled with the opening signal, you can be configured into a simple automatic door system. The system configuration of the bus door refers to the peripheral auxiliary control devices connected with the automatic door controller according to the requirements of use, such as the door opening signal source, access control system, safety devices, centralized control, etc. Lisan, as a driver research and development manufacturer, has also introduced the application of automatic bus doors.

     Introduction of Lisan bus door application scheme

1. The control signal reception and drive are combined and assembled in the same drive.
2. Full torque control, anti-clamp.
3. Segmented torque control, the same direction, the same stroke can set multiple torques, and the middle is non-stop.
4. Automatic detection of travel, unlimited bus door size.
5. Remote control using RF 433 wireless remote control.
6. Use the 485 communication interface for 2-way driver linkage and interlock, and the driver can be connected to the touch screen for parameter setting.
7. Remote control button definition:
Remote control button definition:
① When the two drivers are used jointly and interlock: the first and third keys respectively control the two drives, the key control logic is: press a forward turn, then press a stop, and then press a reverse; Cycle running; The middle button is set to emergency stop.
When the drive is used alone or two drives are used in tandem: the first and third buttons control the positive and negative rotation of the motor, and the middle button is an emergency stop.
8. Can be controlled by external IO

2: Touch screen Set the following parameters


  The above bus door scheme uses the stepping system to complete the automatic opening and closing application of the bus door. The most significant feature of the stepper system is that the characteristics of low speed and high torque and affordable price have become more and more concerned by the market.

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