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LS86E45-K4J60S04 Closed-loop brake stepper motors

LEESN 86mm brake stepper motor adopts electromagnetic brake, brake stepper motor to achieve high-speed zero loss silent operation; The brake is tightly integrated with the motor. Built-in 1000-wire encoder, rear 3N permanent magnet brake. With low heating, large torque, high stability. ADAPTS to drive DE86.
① Spindle mode:
Provide single flat, double flat, keyway, hobbing and other shaft delivery modes;
② Lead mode:
According to different application requirements, provide customized winding and routing methods;
③ Accessories selection:
A variety of accessories for stepper motors are available, such as encoders, planetary reducers, power off brakes.
Stepper motor is not a constant torque motor, the higher the running speed the output torque will be smaller, so pay attention to the motor to maintain torque parameters at the same time should pay attention to the actual, working speed of the motor output torque (refer to the dynamic torque curve); And we recommend reserving a margin of 1.5 times, so as to avoid the phenomenon of stepping motor loss in the case of overload.

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Specification parameters
  • Phase number
  • Step Angle
    1.8 °
  • Step Angle error
    Below ±0.09°
  • Fuselage length
  • Axis length
  • Shaft diameter
  • Rated current
    6.0 A
  • Holding torque
    4.5 N.M
  • Phase resistance
    0.50 Ω
  • Phase inductance
    3.6 mH
  • Moment of inertia
  • weight
  • Service temperature range
    0 ℃ + 50 ℃
  • Service humidity range
    20%RH - 90%RH

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