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LSF60 Series Square planetary reducer

LSF60 square precision planetary reducer
Deceleration ratio:4、5、7、10、16、20、25、28、35、40、50、70
Return clearance: 15arcmin
Adaptive motor: φ8-30/φ38.1-2/F47.14-M4
Precision planetary reducer features

1, high precision, low noise
Precision rolling steel teeth precise mesh, high concentricity, low noise
2, small volume, large torque
The body is short and exquisite, and the large bearing can withstand greater torque
3, assembly simplification, more stable transmission
One hugging ring input shaft, convenient installation, reliable, more stable transmission
4, low maintenance, high cost performance
Lifetime lubrication maintenance free, low maintenance costs

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Specification parameters
  • Nominal Output Torque
    T N.M
  • Efficeency
  • Sundden Stop Torque
    2*T N.M
  • Noise
  • Nominal Input Speed
    1000 rpm
  • Weight
    0.85 kg
  • Max Input Speed
  • Protection Level
  • Working Temp
    -20°- 150°
  • Radial Force
  • Axial Force
  • Average Life Span
    20000 h
Product characteristics
Overall dimensions


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