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LS42E04-B2B15 Closed-loop stepper motors

LEESN new generation 42mm*42mm(NEMA17) two-phase 1.8° closed-loop stepper motor, built-in 1000-wire encoder, with miniaturized design, low heating, high stability, high consistency, greater torque, higher performance, recommended for the driver DE42.
① Spindle mode:
Provide single flat, double flat, keyway, hobbing and other shaft delivery modes;
② Lead mode:
According to different application requirements, provide customized winding and routing methods;
③ Accessories selection:
Provide a variety of accessories for the stepper motor, such as planetary reducer, power off brake, etc.

Closed-loop stepper motor is a kind of stepper motor system, which is different from the traditional open-loop stepper motor system. It has a feedback control mechanism, which can monitor and correct the position error of the motor in real time to improve the performance and accuracy.

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Specification parameters
  • Phase number
  • Step Angle
    1.8 °
  • Step Angle error
    Below ±0.09°
  • Fuselage length
    The 59.5 mm
  • Axis length
  • Shaft diameter
  • Rated current
    1.5 A
  • Holding torque
    0.40 N.M
  • Phase resistance
    2.0 Ω
  • Phase inductance
    4.2 mH
  • Moment of inertia
  • weight
  • Service temperature range
    0 ℃ + 50 ℃
  • Service humidity range
    20%RH - 90%RH

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